Pop-Up Event

Pop-Up Event


Drive UK awareness of seafood from Alaska. Promote its health benefits, purity and ease of cooking and create a buzz around Alaska Seafood.


LOTUS looked to target key audiences including families and young professionals, bringing Alaska Seafood to the streets of London. 

Capitalising on the trend for pop-ups and food festivals, LOTUS set up an Alaska Seafood pop-up restaurant in London. The central London venue was Gold Rush themed and split into two events. The theme leant itself to an experiential offering and organically linked to the fishing industry in Alaska during that era. 

LOTUS created a day-long festival to appeal to families, with seafood tastings, “cook at home” recipes, interactive cooking demonstrations, live music, entertainment and family-friendly games. Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute (ASMI) branding and messaging was prominent throughout and commercial partners provided a call to action.

In the evening, the atmosphere and dynamic of the festival changed and the event attracted young professionals with high disposal income and an interest in healthy eating, cooking and gastronomy. Tickets were sold via a solid PR and social media campaign, with chefs, serving up an Alaskan seafood banquet under the stars.

We distributed ASMI information, merchandise and samples at both events, taking Alaska Seafood directly to the consumer. 


  • Significant media buzz 
  • £200,000 AVE 
  • 500 guests