New Routes to Market

New Routes to Market


Generate new routes to market for Alaska Tourism. 


First LOTUS looked to drive new routes to market through working with UK and European tour operators, airlines, and the wider travel trade. This was supplemented by educating the trade on how best to sell Alaska. Highlighting ease of travel, LOTUS partnered with Icelandair to roll out an aggressive travel training campaign, reaching over 2,000 travel agents in a 12-month period. ​

To create broader appeal to capitalise on the increased routes and in-destination itineraries, LOTUS also managed the tourism PR for the state, generating high profile exposure in target, national media. Maximising partnerships with Brand USA and Alaska Seafood, we ensured front of mind across trade and consumer outlets. 


  • 20 new land-based itineraries developed
  • £1,000,000 AVE from Daily Telegraph press trip
  • 2,000 travel agents reached