Multi-Market Luxury Campaign

Multi-Market Luxury Campaign


Raise the profile of the Small Luxury Hotels of the World (SLH) brand and position it as the authority on luxury travel across seven core markets, as well as drive club membership.


LOTUS built a research-based campaign entitled ‘Luxury Across Borders’ looking at the different interpretations of luxury around the world to generate newsworthy content across multiple markets (UK, USA, Brazil, Australia, Russia, Germany & China)​

Initially a survey was sent to the SLH global membership database asking key questions based on their interpretation of luxury travel, such as destinations, mini-bar, in-room services, hotel facilities and travelling with pets.

The SLH database was incentivised to respond with the chance to win an SLH stay. The survey results were analysed, and key results/ trends and market comparisons were identified​.

Once the data had been analysed, a series of press releases were created to outline the most newsworthy themes in different markets and issued to a wide-ranging media list​.

Speaking opportunities, comment pieces and interviews were secured off the back of the report findings.


  • 1,000 pieces of coverage across seven international markets 
  • 69% of coverage featured in top tier target titles 
  • 49,000 new SLH Club members