Integrated Launch

Integrated Launch


Launch Philippine Airlines’ new B777-300ER aircraft on a renewed daily service from Heathrow to Manila. Position the airline as the first choice for flying to the Philippines.


LOTUS highlighted the Philippines as an enticing destination in order to put the renewed daily service to Manila into context.

We simulated a trip to the Philippines for 200 trade and media guests, recreating an authentic Filipino night market and the tropical idyll of the Philippine archipelago. 

Guests were sent airplane tickets for the event and then were guided to “check-in” at Philippine Airlines counters, set up just for the evening. From there, guests were treated to both an in-person and virtual vacation to feel like they had just stepped off a flight and landed in the Philippines.

Virtual reality headsets and live entertainment added to the exotic atmosphere and brought the destination to life, providing opportunities to update and inform media about the new aircraft. 


  • 60 features
  • 17.6 million reach
  • 11 interviews 
  • 3 TV opportunities 
  • 8 press trips