Experiential Campaign

Experiential Campaign


Increase business and leisure visitor numbers to Chengdu via promoting the 72-hour visa and Chengdu’s cultural highlights. 


LOTUS created an experiential campaign called Chengdu 72 which included three high profile events running over 72 hours in central London.

The Chengdu 72 launch was held at the Sackler Gallery in Hyde Park as the venue was designed by Dame Zaha Hadid who designed the New Century City Art Centre in Chengdu.

LOTUS created a VIP showcase of Chengdu culture including art, performance, fashion, and gastronomy.

We sourced a London based, Chengdu born chef who contrasted British and Chengdu interpretations of Chinese cuisine and held a fashion show with a London College of Fashion designer born and bred in Chengdu.

LOTUS oversaw a high-profile guest list for the launch which saw the Chinese Ambassador in London welcome a series of speakers including Willie Walsh CEO of IAG, and Lord Thurso Chair of the China Britain Business Council. This was in addition to other business leaders from targeted sectors of industry including; building, manufacturing, fashion, travel, and tourism.

For a more consumer-facing media hook with a talkability factor, LOTUS converted a Heathrow Express train into the “Chengdu72 Express”. This was the first time the carriages had been rebranded in the train’s history. The redecorated train included vast window vinyl of pandas in traditional Chengdu costumes.

LOTUS also oversaw the Chengdu72 Pop-Up, a tea house in London’s Covent Garden to bring Chengdu to the people.


  • 150 political and industry leaders attended including members of the House of Lords and Houses of Parliament, representatives from the Prime Minister’s, Deputy Prime Minister’s, and Mayor of London’s office. 
  • 42 pieces of coverage
  • 17 national newspaper hits
  • 700+ people registered to win trips to Chengdu 
  • 11% over expected capacity for launch flights