Crisis Communications

Crisis Communications


In Autumn 2018, Spain and the Balearic Islands experienced unprecedented, heavy flooding. This included a flash flooding incident in northern Mallorca which resulted in twelve deaths, including two British tourists. Over the following weeks, Malaga and the island of Menorca were also hit with severe rainfall and flash floods.


LOTUS actioned a senior rapid response team to monitor and tackle the challenge from a UK communications perspective. 

We kept in close communication with the local tourism representatives throughout the flooding events.

Immediately following the devastation, LOTUS prepared a statement in collaboration with the Spanish Tourist Office and the Balearic Islands on behalf of the director of the Balearic Islands Tourism Board, to reassure visitors and the travel trade. 

LOTUS liaised with ABTA, UK travel trade publications and national news desks, securing coverage of the statement in TTG, Travel Weekly and Travel Bulletin the morning after the flash floods. We also ensured earlier articles were updated with the latest statement, reassuring readers that the flooding was in a contained area and the rest of the island remained firmly open to tourism. 

LOTUS communicated the statement with major UK tour operators including Jet 2 Holidays and TUI and liaised with their operations and media teams. Any media enquiries received by the tour operators were fedback to the LOTUS team. 

The statement was uploaded to the LOTUS newsroom and published on the LOTUS twitter feed to disperse the message across social media channels. 

In the days following the flash flooding deaths, LOTUS liaised with local tourism representatives on the ground to issue up-to-date statements to ABTA and the wider UK tourism industry.

LOTUS created a daily report with all media coverage surrounding the flooding and feedback from tour operators, which was shared with the Spanish Tourist Office and the local Balearic Islands authorities.