Community-led Tourism

Community-led Tourism


Showcase Guyana Tourism Authority’s long-term commitment to support ecological balance, to help develop the destination through tourism, in a sustainable way.


LOTUS helped craft a unique “green agenda” story, adopting a Green State Development Strategy (GSDS) to spotlight GTA’s community-led tourism framework for integrating indigenous communities. 

Expertly and sympathetically planned and implemented, LOTUS promoted the visitor guidelines to help protect the environment, encouraging local buying and ensuring tourists left with only a positive impact. 

LOTUS promoted the story through engaging content, a proactive press office, grant research, events, and award submissions.


  • 16 new tour operator programmes
  • +6.1% (YOY)
  • UK flights to Guyana 
  • 124 features
  • 133,919,502 circulation
  • >100 travel media database contact
  • 95 sales calls (UK/Netherlands)