Brand Design

Brand Design


Develop a fresh brand look for the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute for the Northern Europe market, and create new digital assets to support it.


Along with our design partners we constructed a key messages matrix to establish what to visually convey in our creative concepts, choosing to champion ‘wild, natural and sustainable’. Wild like no other.

Based on research, new brand guidelines were developed and used to shape the look and feel of the digital assets.

A colour palette was created to complement the clean, abstract visuals that represented the essence and purpose of Alaska Seafood, alongside developing the original colour palette of more earthy, natural tones, appealing to both consumer and corporate audiences alike.

Our assets brought to life the story of Alaska, the families that make up the fishing industry there and the calm nature of the Alaskan landscape. This approach contrasted with that of its competitors who rely on bold, harsh messaging around the gritty fishing experience.

In addition to the digital rebrand, LOTUS also worked with food photographer Steve Lee and chef Rachel Green to create new product images and recipes that would sit on the new website.


  • 1 x new brand identity
  • 1 x corporate brochure – with inserts for each sector
  • 1 x full website redesign
  • 1 x social media strategy including graphics/animations
  • 2 x sales decks / presentations (corporate & consumer)
  • 2 x new image asset banks