Managing Director

Jules is one of the most respected and well known PR practitioners in the travel industry with almost twenty years in the field.

Jules joined Lotus in 2007, after ten years with other leading agencies, to develop the PR side of Lotus and has grown this into one of the dominant forces in travel PR. Jules combines senior media relationships with a strategic and creative vision that means clients are assured that their campaigns are effective and feature the most relevant, impactful media solutions.

Jules is a PR professional with a commercial mind-set; her focus is always on value and ROI and ensuring that tactics are created to deliver objectives.

Prior to starting in travel PR with a small specialist agency focusing on the Greek and Cypriot sector Jules worked in TV as a stylist and creative co-coordinator.

Implementing the skills and contacts gained through her degree from the London College of Fashion Jules worked with celebrities across light entertainment and prime time television eventually growing her role to oversee many of the creative elements of the broadcast mix.

Her experience of working in the highly pressured arena of live TV has given her the ability to multi-task under pressure and when her love of travel meant a move into the industry was the next step for her career it was a natural progression to move into PR.